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"The fact that a serious educational purpose can be served in a library program that children actively enjoy makes these activities suspect to adults who have forgotten (if they ever knew) that there is joy in learning through reading. (The Knights of the Ring program) ...should convince the most unimaginative that reading, doing, learning and enjoying fit together."

Lillian Gerhardt
School Library Journal

Knighting Ceremony Photo

Shown above: Senior member William Browning III (right), who has participated in the KNIGHTS OF THE RING library program for fifteen years first as a teen and later as an adult volunteer, steps forward to swear in and welcome new member, Barbara Stadtmiller at the Pelham Public Library in Pelham, NH. Founder Donna Beales looks on (left).
(Photo courtesy of the Stadtmiller family).

About the Knights of the Ring

The exciting and adventure-filled Knights of the Ring program is perhaps the first and only library program designed specifically to build ongoing, long-term library support from young adults in the form of strong Junior Friends of Libraries organizations.

The Knights of the Ring program is fun, challenging, and educational, and has been used for nearly twenty years by public libraries and schools to promote libraries and the love of reading. Using a Medieval backdrop of 'long ago and far way,' young people strive, through imagination, wit, and self-directed research, to actually become modern-day knights in service to libraries.

The fun serves a very serious purpose-- to make a lasting impression on the lives of young people that libraries are critically important.

The whole participation completely beated any our outlook.

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It is our hope that young adults who 'become knights' will take away with them the idea that they are the protectors and defenders of libraries everywhere, and will champion the cause of libraries into their adult years.

If you're a librarian, you'll find everything you need on these pages to fully replicate this professionally lauded program, which has been featured in several state-wide summer reading programs, adopted by hundreds of individual libraries worldwide, and praised in the pages of School Library Journal.

If you're a kid who's curious about the Knights of the Ring and how you too can become a modern-day Knight, check out the KidsLink.

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Find out what kids think about the Knights of the Ring. If you're interested in becoming a knight, this link will answer the question, "How can I start a Knights of the Ring
at my library?"

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